Pets and the Inn

Pets and the Inn





Please meet our Inn animals. Cota, Moby, Spooky Two and Bosco! Moby is enjoying retirement and is not around all the time but you can rest assured that you most likely will meet Cota, Spooky Two and Bosco during your visit. We do our best to keep all of the animals out of the guest areas but occasionally those sneaky kitties do make their way into the house. During your visit, if you decide to take our trail to the beach, please let us know if you would like a guide and Cota would be happy to accompany you. Also don’t be surprised if you see Spooky or Bosco playing in the tidepools below, they are quite adventurous!

As you can see we absolutely love animals, that being said due to the intimate nature of the Inn and our already on site animals we do not allow guest’s pets. During the very slow off season if someone is in a pinch we occasionally can make special exceptions. Please give us a call at (707) 677-3425 and we can talk it over and see if we can make it work. All pets must have pre-authorization. If you show up with a pet without previous arraignments, unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate your pet and they must remain in the car during your stay.

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