About the Inn

About the Inn

The history of the Inn dates back to the early 1920s when the present site was known as “Anderson’s Cafe and Service Station.” At that time, the pumphouse and spring water system was installed and Mrs. Anderson gained local recognition for her fresh berry pies and homemade clam chowder. After the Andersons retired, the little coffee shop stood vacant for a number of years.The present-day Inn was built in 1989 by screenwriter and producer, Rita Lakin. Award-winning local architect Ray Wolf designed the Inn to be perfectly suited for guests: every room is built with extra-thick walls and sound proofing. Each room is uniquely different to meet the desires of all who wish to stay here: some have lofts, some have balconies, some have alcoves, and all of them are charming!

Rita sold the Inn in 2003 to Guia and Gary Hiegert, her dear friends. And Rita has just embarked on a new career: mystery author! We are excited to announce that in addition to “Getting Old is Murder,” and “Getting Old is the Best Revenge,” (and four other novels in this series), Lakin’s latest release, “Getting Old is Tres Dangereux” is available at the Inn in limited supplies.

Guia and Gary met when they worked together for charitable groups. Gary is a retired firefighter and taught life safety (he still does, when he isn’t cooking or greeting guests!). Guia works with charitable groups and teaches fundraising and strategic planning (and she still does when she isn’t making beds or welcoming guests!)

Gary’s lifelong dream has been to own an inn so, when our dear friend put her inn up for sale, Gary made an offer. Then he offered marriage to Guia (who accepted).  Guia and Gary are still around occasionally but have handed off the day to day operations of the Inn to their Son Brian and their incredible Staff.


Brian grew up in Humboldt County and moved away for college in Santa Cruz, CA.  When Gary and Guia started to think about retirement, he quit his career in finance and took the opportunity to take over the Inn and keep it in the Family.  Brian has been managing the inn for over seven years and absolutely loves the traditions and home his parents built while living the eccentric lifestyle of an Innkeeper.  We look forward to our family meeting your family!




The Staff of the Lost Whale Inn

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